Otis WebsterOTIS, the lead singer and musical inspiration of the group, has been in show business for many years. His musical repertoire crosses all lines of music including country& western, hip-hop, rock, R&B and jazz.. Otis has seen action in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas and many other metropolitan cities. He is by far a 'pro' in every sense of the word.

OTIS & THE METRO BAND members are George Faber on keyboard and vocals, Joey Monk on drums and vocals, Crawford Davis on bass guitar and vocals and Tony Marsh on lead guitar. They represent a group of professionals whose musical experiences have taken them through out the country. Under the direction of George Faber or 'King George' as he is admiringly called, the band writes, arranges and produces most of the material it performs

George Faber Joe Monk Crawford Davis
Geroge Faber
Keyboards & Vocal
Joey Monk
Drums & Vocals
Crawford Davis
Bass & Vocals
Tony Marsh Kyle Stroud
Tony Marsh
Kyle Stroud
Sax & Vocals